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We provide a vetted membership network for realty services to the Marine Special Operations Community and the greater Marine and Veteran networks and their supporters in several states.

The RRG home buying Process - a Phased Approach:

Phase lines have been used throughout military planning since the Roman Empire so many years ago. The RRG’s roots within the special operations community have given them a competitive advantage in gaining efficiencies throughout the home buying process. Our phased approach is detailed below.

Phase 1: Prequalification

Perhaps the most crucial step in the home buying process. During this step, you will talk to our loan officer (LO), who will have a conversation with you to discover your unique needs and background. The LO will establish the loan product and qualifying amount that best satisfies your special needs from this conversation.

Phase 2: Picking out your RRG Raider Ambassador

During this step, you will review our members’ bios and schedule interviews to see who best fits your unique personality and needs.

Phase 3: Finding your new home

Now that you are prequalified and you have found your vetted raider ambassador it is time to go find your new home. Your ambassador will send you several listings which meet your specifications and set up showing times that meet your schedule. Once you pick out your next house, your realtor will submit an offer to purchase, and once the offer is accepted, your LO will send your file to processing.

Phase 4a: Processing and Underwriting

The RRG uses in-house processors and underwriters to ensure your financial needs are met. Your loan officer and his dedicated team will gather the required documentation and submit your file for initial underwriting. The underwriter will review the file and may have some additional conditions to be met. Your loan officer and his team will work with you to meet any conditions, and they will resubmit your file for the final underwriting approval.

Phase 4b: Ordering all necessary inspections

While your file goes through the processing and underwriting phase, your ambassador will order all the necessary home inspections to ensure you are protected. The two phases simultaneously ensure an efficient process and allow the RRG to provide a short closing period.

Phase 5: Cleared to Close

These three words mean that your file has final underwriting approval and all inspections have been completed and are satisfactory.

Phase 6: Closing

The final stage of the process. During this phase, your closing attorney will compile all necessary documents and balance the final closing disclosure. We offer a mobile notary meaning there is no need to go to an attorney’s office; the notary can come to you.  The closing attorney will ensure all wires have been completed and that the loan is recorded. Once the loan is recorded, your ambassador will get the keys to your new home, and you are all done. We got you home!


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